Luxembourg (without Moselle)

Currently no risk of floods.


19.05.2024 08:00

The water levels on the Moselle have been falling since yesterday and will continue to fall; a renewed rise above the water level of 530 cm at the Stadtbredimus gauge (Remich: 452 cm) is currently not expected. A brief slight rise in water levels is possible, but unlikely.

As far as the situation in Remich is concerned, the Remich-Stadtbredimus connection is temporarily affected by work (under German management) on a gate at the Stadtbredimus dam. This situation is not expected to have any appreciably aggravating consequences compared with comparable floods in the past.

At the Wasserbillig gauge, the water levels remain slightly higher than during previous floods due to the backwater of the Saar, but the water levels are still falling. A further significant rise in water levels on the Moselle is currently not expected until the middle of next week. However, this forecast is still subject to a high degree of uncertainty.

A flood report is available for the Moselle: