Friday 24.11.2023
Flood reports Moselle 16.11.2023-21.11.2023

Attached the 11 flood reports for the Moselle from 16.11.2023 to 21.11.2023.

Tuesday 19.09.2023
Joint flood forecast of Rhineland-Palatinate and Luxembourg

The Rhineland-Palatinate State Agency for the Environment (Landesamt für Umwelt, LfU) and the Luxembourg Water Management Agency (Administration de la gestion de l'eau, AGE) have agreed on a common flood forecast for the border rivers Our, Sauer and Moselle:

  • The forecasts for the river gauges on the Our (currently Dasbourg and Gemünd) and the river gauges Bollendorf and Rosport on the Sauer will be produced by the AGE and taken over unchanged by the LfU.
  • The forecasts for the Moselle gauges Perl (Saarland), Stadtbredimus and Wasserbillig will be produced by the LfU and taken over unchanged by the AGE.

AGE and LfU also provide each other with reporting components on the flood situation at the border rivers and adopt those in their flood reports. Within the framework of their flood forecast service, AGE and LfU regularly coordinate and jointly develop the forecast systems further.

The necessary system adaptations on the Rhineland-Palatinate and Luxembourg sides will take place gradually over the next few months. Until the adjustments are completed, technical transitional arrangements apply to ensure trouble-free operation.

Until the necessary system adjustments are completed, the forecasts at the Sauer will be produced by the LfU on a transitional basis.

The entire content of the press release dated 19.09.2023 can be found under the link below.

Wednesday 02.08.2023
Completion of the construction works on the measuring station in Pétange/Chiers

Our Pétange station, so far our only gauge station in the Maas catchment area, was rebuilt this year through construction works in order to be able to carry out water level and discharge measurements reliably and over many years in all water level areas in the future. A new staircase with a side cut for the level gauge was built, the banks were secured with near-natural armourstones and the river bed was adapted to the existing longitudinal profile of the river. The project has now been completed so that the current water levels can again be displayed on our flood page.

Tuesday 17.01.2023
Lageberichte 14.-15.01.2023

Anbei die beiden Lageberichte für die Sauer vom Samstag, den 14. Januar 2023 und Sonntag, den 15. Januar 2023 und die Hochwasserinformation für die Mosel vom Montag, den 16. Januar 2023.