Tuesday 17.01.2023
Lageberichte 14.-15.01.2023

Anbei die beiden Lageberichte für die Sauer vom Samstag, den 14. Januar 2023 und Sonntag, den 15. Januar 2023 und die Hochwasserinformation für die Mosel vom Montag, den 16. Januar 2023.

Monday 07.11.2022
"Meine Pegel" App

The "Meine Pegel" app with information on water levels and floods is now also available for Luxembourg.

The app "Meine Pegel" is designed to help people find out about water levels and floods in an even simpler and more targeted way.

Users have the option to individually set a specific water level for the gauges available in the app from which they want to be informed.

In addition to the current water levels, the app also displays the current flood reports from the website inondations.lu. Here, too, it is possible to notify the user as soon as the reports are made available at the official level.

The app, which has already been available in Germany for a few years, includes gauges in the Netherlands and Switzerland in addition to gauges in Luxembourg and Germany. It is now available in Luxembourg for Google Android and for Apple iOS in five languages.

Wednesday 16.02.2022
RSS feed and alerts

From now on, you can subscribe to the new RSS feed of the inondations.lu site (in four languages) and thus be informed about the current flood situation and current warnings. In addition, it is still possible to subscribe by Login to receive notifications about the current flood situation and current warnings by e-mail. You can now choose between the catchment areas of Sûre or Moselle or receive information for both areas as standard.

The current flood situation with the official flood thresholds and the affected catchment areas (Sûre, Alzette or Moselle) are now displayed under warnings. The map still shows the current return period of the measured water levels.

Wednesday 16.02.2022
New measuring station Eischen

A new measuring station is now available on the river Eisch.

The measured water levels are updated every 4 hours, in case of a flood situation the measured water levels are updated every 15 minutes.

Monday 07.02.2022
Inondation February 6 + 7 2022

Attached are the flood reports during the flood event on 6 and 7 February 2022 and the final report with the maximum water levels and the measured precipitation.